City Fit Girls Interview With Fitness Motivator Dawn Estelle Archer!

By Hilary Kelley

dawn 1I had the amazing opportunity to interview Dawn Estelle Archer, one of instagram’s fitness sweethearts (with almost 150K followers!), who has completely transformed her body, all by dedicating herself to clean eating and cardio. Due to popular demand, Dawn decided to leave her home in Virgina to teach her SWEAT class across the country. Though recovering from being sick, she was delighted to speak with me while in Denver, CO. I invite you all to check out her site and follow her on Instagram at @estellearcher, she will definitely keep you motivated! And don’t forget to check out her #SWEATtour locations, she might be coming to a city near you!

1. You are one of the most inspirational people on Instagram as it relates to the fitness/health industry. How does it feel to know that THOUSANDS of men and women look up to you and follow your journey?
Dawn: All of that attention is so new to me that I feel the same. It is humbling for sure, but I am still me and want to just keep being me. The main difference is that my photos get more comments and more likes!

2. You are going into month 3 of your 2014 Sweat Tour! Congrats! What has been some high’s and lows so far?
Dawn: The hardest part of the tour is that I am funding it myself. Financially it is tough, but the tour itself is going fantastically well! Each location has had such great turnout and people seem so excited so that is an amazing feeling!

3. Is there one memory so far on your tour that keeps popping up in your head/you’ll never forget?
Dawn: One of the coolest things to see happened when I was on the west coast (LA & San Diego locations). I had a mother and daughter show up for all 4 classes, which translated into me seeing their faces consistently over a month. Seeing the same faces coming back is one the greatest joys!

4. We know you talk a lot about meal planning and for some, because of their hectic schedules and work/life balance etc, it’s a challenge; what are some of your tips for them?
Dawn: I cannot emphasize the importance of meal planning enough! It will help anyone feel more in control of their schedule and if they just set aside an hour on the weekend to prep and plan a few things I swear it would help considerably.

dawn 2

5. Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that helps pump you up?
Dawn: You know I have a lot of favorite quotes that I have in my back pocket for various things. I would have to say a top one is, “learn to let go of the things you can’t control”. I think if more people learned this they would be easier on themselves and spend far less energy and stress on things they don’t need to worry about.

6. With your background in fashion and graphic design, is it safe to say a fitness line is on the horizon?
I have a line of leggings, sports bras, tanks, etc with my sweat logo on them being created but as far as a larger line that would have national distribution; I do not have plans yet.

8. This is very premature but when you’re done the SWEAT tour…what’s next?
Dawn: I have been told taking my tour international would be awesome, but I will admit that budgets are tight. If I can line up some sponsors I would absolutely be open to taking the #SWEATtour international, or even growing it nationally.

9. What advice would you give those who are struggling to find motivation to work out or eat right?
Dawn: We all struggle at different points, depending on what is going on with our days, lives, etc. Keep focused and make a plan. Being organized and making a plan will definitely keep you focused.

10. Who inspires you and why?
Dawn: My fitness inspirations are simply those that transform themselves with hard work. Looking at my own before pictures keeps me motivated and looking at others helps keep me inspired as well.

11. Where can our viewers buy your DVD’s, EBooks, and (soon) apparel?
Dawn: You can purchase DVD’s, EBooks and (soon) apparel on my website at!shop/ci05. If you have questions you can email

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